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New date for our dinner at OOF Books to be announced soon.



splendid happenings


1. a unique series of events or occurrences where one is left with an intangible feeling of satisfaction. typically as a result of impeccable food, drink and conversation.

synonyms: marvelous occurrence, splendiferous gathering, joyous affair

antonyms: grotesque non-event, blazé bore.

e.g. last night's dinner party sure was a splendid happening.

splendid happenings are unique events where people gather over food and drink. each one aims to be collaboration between the guests and hosts. a welcoming experience free of pretense, judgement and ego. our chief tenets include having fun and eating well.

our aim is to create that "morning after" feeling, when you wake up satiated physically and mentally. the sublime dinner party after glow.

intrigued? to find out more email hello@splendidhappenings.com

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